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Renting Art 101

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Renting art might be for you if:

You aren't sure if you'll like the painting in a month or two

You aren't sure if it will look good or fit in your space

You need to stage your home for sale (you could be a homeowner, realtor, or staging company)

You like to switch your decor seasonally or yearly

You work in cinematography and need set props

Where to find art for rent

You can find art for rent at some community art associations, art galleries, staging companies, and sometimes from the artist themselves. Most of the time, the money spent on rental fees can go toward the purchase of the piece if you want to keep it.

One thing to watch for is the credibility of a gallery. Some galleries will cheat their artists out of fees from rentals so find a gallery that is a part of an association. Associations have a group of galleries that are committed to integrity and quality for both the client and artist.

And don't be disappointed if you contact an artist directly and they say they don't rent out art. Renting art requires particular insurance that most artists don't want the hassle of purchasing (but should).

How much does renting art cost?

Of course that will depend entirely on where you live and who you're renting from. I have art for rent with North Van Arts in North Vancouver. Their rentals range between $15/month to $180/month.

Rental's are just a great opportunity that artist's should utilize more often because clients like you could benefit greatly from trying it on for size!

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