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Submersive Imagery influenced by rural lifestyles.



5X7 watercolor originals of animals and architecture

Original art cards are a great way to say thank you, I love you, I'm thinking of you, congratulations, and so much more. These little gems are only $20 CAN. Some people use these as inspiration to personalize their own cards and move forward with a commission as seen below. Contact me for more information and availability.



Different Art for Different People

A commission is simply a contract between you and I to complete a unique work of art that will never be duplicated for sales. I may use your art for marketing and promotion but will never make prints for resale. I complete a variety of unique commissions based on your desires but from time to time I will decline a request based on my ability to do the project or particular timelines. Please review my portfolio before you consider your commission to ensure that what you're asking for reflects my style and subject matter of work. Thank you!


5X7 watercolor $30

8x10 watercolor $75   - graphite $150

9x12 watercolor $125  - graphite $175

11x14 watercolor $175 - graphite $225

Acrylic and oils - $2/square inch. Sizes begin at 8x10. 

NOTE: Please remember that the smaller the artwork, the less detail I can produce.

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