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Art and Interior design - a wholistic approach

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

We've all felt the effects of staying home during the pandemic. When people couldn't travel, they spent their money on renovations because they realized just how much their interior space lacked what would make them enjoy being home more. Being intentional and personal when designing, renovating, or decorating is a key factor for enjoying a space.

Art and Design Background

This article is on my art website, but what many people don't know is that I also have a degree in design and architecture. I worked in the cabinet industry and construction industry for over a decade and while I still don't know everything, I do know how to listen to a clients' needs and desires to make sure they get what they want.


Communication between a designer and a client is as important and the way your space communicates with those in it.

An interior designer has more to do than pick wall colors and decor. An Interior designer works with architects and engineers to make sure knocking down a wall will be the best way to open up a space for better social integration. They will choose the type of flooring that will best resist wear and tear for a busy family with two dogs. They will choose lighting that won't make you tired. They are so good and putting together a package that they sometimes miss the mark with art.

The things on your wall are as important as the wall color and furniture and flooring and lighting. They all speak together. If you're choosing a white oak hardwood and light colored wall with black pendant lighting over the kitchen's likely that you're style is fairly modern but you have a slightly calming demeanor with some love for the outdoors. What you put on the wall probably shouldn't have intense colors.

As an interior designer, you've probably got a good indication by now about what you're client likes and dislikes, so now it's up to you to make sure you make the wall art personal. Do they have a favorite vacation spot, a favorite artist, a favorite pet? Use their interests and desires to choose the theme and then intentionally coordinate it with the ret of the house.

Communication is the key to creating a wholistic environment. Now that the space is complete, visitors to the space will see their friends' or family's personality be reflected. It's never about you, the designer, but always about the client.

Well now wait a minute....I'm not a designer. I'm just a homeowner that wants to give my living room a makeover. How do I do that without spending a fortune on a designer? I think that's a whole different blog....but keep communication in mind. How do you want your space to reflect who you are?

You may need to ask yourself some questions you haven't thought about in a long time such as...what is my favorite color and why? What do I enjoy doing outside of work? Do you have a family? Pets? What's important to you? These things may result in purging some of the non-essential items you have lying around, or getting new ones that reflect who you are. After all, as humans, our values change over time. What I liked at age 20, I don't like at age 40.

Budget is always an issue and if you're not able to invest in new furniture or major renovations like flooring, then accessories and paint may be the way to go. A slip cover over the couch might liven it up a bit. Or get new throw pillows, or an area rug (if you're flooring isn't already carpet). But make sure the colors and textures reflect who you are, but also don't clash horribly with what you can't change. If you're not good a doing this, invite a friend or family member who is good at these types of co-ordinations to help you. Make a plan over cocktails or coffee and go shopping together - even if it's searching stuff online.

Be intentional. Remember my opening sentence? Don't keep everything and don't show off everything you've got!!! Be intentional with what you're showing people. Have visual space allow your eye to focus on the best parts of you. If things are too cluttered, you can start to feel anxious. Clutter can come off as disorganized, uncaring, and lazy. This may not be who you are but your room may say otherwise.

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