Beginning Again

It's not easy to maintain an art business when that's not your sole source of income. About 7 years ago, I began the dream to become a professional artist. It was after my first boy was born and the process was going well. But fear held me back. Fear of not being able to support my child(ren), and then fear of actually becoming successful. Then I'd have to be my own boss, and keep up with my Blog, and Facebook, and Twitter, and YouTube, and shipping, and accounting, and of course, immense amount of creating-all on top of a full time job. Sheesh! That's a lot of effort. Would I even have time for my family? What if I don't get enough support to earn a living? Fear held me back. Fear, made me lazy. And so I didn't pursue art business with as much determination as I should have.

I've recently been researching my genealogy. The story begins when my great grandfathers immigrated here from Prussia in 1875. They travelled by ship across the seas, to a country relatively unknown and foreign to escape military execution for their religious beliefs and began again. They then took the new rail road across Eastern Canada from Quebec to Moose Jaw and travelled 160 km of grassland by horse and cart to establish a colony to live in peaceful relations with other cultures taking the same journey. They tilled untouched soils with horse following behind on foot with a plough, in order to begin again. They built sod houses and lived in conditions where snakes could burrow into their homes, sometimes falling from ceilings, all so that they could begin again. They faced droughts and floods and tornatoes and bug infestations, so that they could begin again. They lost many children to disease before immunizations were invented, so that they could begin again.

When I think of my ancestors I am encouraged to keep going. What do I have to fear? They came here so I could live the way that I do today. To create art and blog, and tweet, and package things, seems like a walk in the park compared to the life of my ancestors. And so here I am, beginning again. I hope my journey can inspire others along the way.

Here is the link to my original blog, left stagnant in 2013. That is a part of my journey.